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Problem of teenage pregnancy

The problem of teenage pregnancy affects not only the parents, the child and other family members, but it is a serious issue for community resources. Teenage childbearing trend has reduced down to 57% but still this issue needs to be addressed and raised at all platforms. Parents, school, church and the state should hold hands together to bring down the teen pregnancy rate for a healthy society and well-being of teens. According to some surveys, there are at least ten girls who become pregnant before they reach their twenties. Some of them give birth twice in their teenage period. Attending school and taking care of a baby is not something easy for a teen to do. It is the same as putting much weight on something small or too weak. As a result, the structure would fall.
Parenthood in adolescence is closely associated with the economic crisis and a number of other complications related with physical and emotional health. Poverty is the main issue that affects teenage parents most. Some of the problems associated with adolescent parenting include dropping out of school and dependence on federal resources and public assistance. Unplanned teenage pregnancy costs billions of dollars for the state to provide child welfare build correctional facilities and run incarceration programs. It adds to the loss of tax revenue and, therefore, becomes the primary reason to disturb the balance of society.
Teenage parents often do not complete their education, and they are forced to do labor and low salaried jobs. It results in poor household, health and a lack of facilities for them. It may lead them to adopt harmful attitude, addiction and miserable life. In most of the cases, adolescent pregnancy carries risks to the health of a teenage mom. Teen moms do not receive vital prenatal care that they need. Most of the girls end up being a single parent, or they have to go through a difficult phase too early in their life when it was still their right and time to play and enjoy.
Despite the fact that sex education has been made a part of the curriculum, there is much need for counseling when it comes to teenage individuals. It is the level of emotional stability, strength of character and judgment that is needed to call the shots just right. Teenage pregnancies are problematic and often considered a liability for the society. In most cases, there is a high risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. Also, the infant might be born with defects and not survive long enough to reach the one-year mark. Heartbreaking tales are related by social services when they are called into rescue children from parents who are too young or stoned to realize the responsibility they need to shoulder.
Psychiatrists world over agree that teenagers are unable to practice safe sex or say no to the pressure because they have self-esteem issues. Schools and the society, parents in particular, should take steps to make their child feel secure and confident from an early age. It is best to encourage emotional stability and provide safety for the children at home. Healthy group activities are another effective way to keep rebellious, cynical, self-destructive tendencies of teenagers and adolescents in check.

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