Jun 03

School Uniforms

Although private schools and schools in other countries, namely Japan, have had schools require uniforms throughout the past, President Bill Clinton tried hard to adapt a school uniform policy within the public school system of the United States. Many schools have tried and feel they have succeeded, but what about the students? Everyone gets a free education, so shouldn’t students or their parents get to decide what is worn to school? The school uniforms debate is one of the most popular debates in America since Clinton introduced it. Do you think students wearing a school uniform will be better disciplined, have better grades, better attendance and be more respectful?

Debating the Issue

A major study was done in Long Beach, California since it was the first public school system to require uniforms from grades kindergarten through 8th grade. Statistics were amazing; students performed well and there was much less discipline. So we can solve our education system by simply requiring uniforms right? Not so fast. Other statistics were not given such as better supervision and increased security. However, most parents and even students agree that school uniforms should be worn. Two big arguments in a school uniforms debate is money and expression. Students do not have to fear about being picked on if they are poor and cannot afford clothes they want to express themselves in. This saves parents both heartache and money. An argument a student may have is that uniforms may make them feel like they are in jail. However, if introduced in kindergarten, students would think this to be the norm and jail would be a forgotten argument.

Dress Code Requires Different Rules

If not uniforms, many schools will require dress code. School dress code is one of the most ridiculous things a school can require. A small example of a school dress code would be the following:

Wear a solid colored shirt, but not red. Red is the color of anger.
Girls cannot wear open toe shoes. A door might hit their toes.

Many dress code policies are about 1-2 pages in length. More money is spent by parents when having a dress code enforced. There are just too many inconsistencies with dress code and a good student may end up in suspension for an ignorant policy. If you go to a school that requires a dress code, petition the school to either require uniforms or clothes you want to wear. Of course, there needs to be a policy in place for a dress code simply to be presentable, but uniforms and dress code are not intertwined.

Uniforms Will Help

Schools should have uniforms previous to high school. I agree with high schools not having uniforms simply because going to high school not requiring a uniform could be a motivational incentive for those who have worn uniforms their entire school life. Students will already have acquired respect and will enjoy the freedoms of high school and their path through life may better lead to success.

Contributors Bio

Contributor photo Lona Glenn
Los Angeles
Lona graduated from Los Angeles City College. While being a lecturer in several high school institutions Lona founded an online educational project Tutorsclass.Read more
Contributor photo Maria Castle
Davis, CA
I studied education and currently work as a tutor for school-age children. I've worked as a volunteer in many different international social projects and as a camp counselor every summer.Read more

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