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Spell Checkers

Spell checking and proofreading are very important tasks in the essay-writing process. Often when you are in a hurry to submit an essay, these aspects are recklessly abandoned without thinking of the consequences.

When you submit an essay that has not been double-checked, there is likely to be grammar and spelling errors that will give you a lower grade. Moreover, the overall readability of your essay will be compromised because its structure and content can be problematic. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Would you find a writer convincing who does not know how to even spell properly?

A spell checker is a software or program designed to spot misspellings in a text while either automatically correcting them or suggesting different spelling options. Using spell checkers can be very helpful when you are aiming for a thoroughly polished paper. The good thing is that spell checkers and grammar checkers are usually built into the operating systems of most computers. When writing a document, they automatically underline words or phrases that are incorrectly structured.

But if you want more comprehensive spell and grammar checkers, these can be found easily on the internet and are quite easy to use. All you need to do is copy and paste a block of text onto the site and run the software. After doing so, you will be given a breakdown of the grammatical and spelling errors that have been found in the text.

An added feature of most online spell checkers is a thesaurus. Basically, a thesaurus suggests synonyms of a word you are using. This is helpful when you are looking for that perfect word to use. Sometimes, writer’s block affects your ability to grasp for the perfect word to use to effectively convey your intended message. When you use a thesaurus, your vocabulary will be refreshed so you can select a word from its suggestions.

Although spelling and grammar checkers are helpful to writers, you should not be overly dependent on them. These are just computer programs and nothing beats the intellectual capacity of the human brain. It is still best to be knowledgeable on proper spelling and word usage.

Yet, keep in mind that there are dangers to being overly reliant on such online checkers. For one thing, it impedes learning. If you always use spelling and grammar checkers, you may become too lazy to actually learn how to properly spell or use grammar correctly. You might begin to think that it is okay not to be an excellent speller because the computer can do it for you.

Always bear in mind that spelling and grammar checkers are developed mainly to guide and help students learn how to polish their work. They are not programmed to do all the intellectual work for them.

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