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As a student, you will be required to turn in essays, theses, and doctoral dissertations that require you to back up your claims with sources and evidence. The problem is that when you have a large work with many sources in different formats, it can be difficult to try and impeccably format them all. Remembering where to place every dot and comma is tedious for even the most patient student. But now, you can use a citation generator and spare yourself from this slow and cumbering process.

A citation generator is an online tool that allows users to enter in their bibliographic information into a text box and then it is automatically formatted. This saves a great deal of time trying to format a bibliography yourself within the different formatting styles. These include MLA, Chicago, and, the most popular for social science courses, APA. APA formatting can prove quite tricky as you have to perfectly format everything according to its medium. Additionally, APA style citation is frequently updated, requiring writers to constantly stay abreast of any changes. This often leaves students frustrated and unsure how to write their APA bibliography in a way their professor will be accustomed to and expect from them.

Luckily, students have now found an easier way to do APA style citation by using an APA citation generator. These innovative programs allow students to input their reference information for their papers or theses and an APA format generator automatically formats them into a work’s cited section. While not every APA citation machine works the same way, they can all help make an APA bibliography or work’s cited section much easier. We have listed the best APA format generators so you don’t have to waste your valuable time searching “APA citation generator free.”

An extremely efficient APA citation maker is Son of Citation Machine. With this APA format website, users are able to input their used sources’ information and the APA reference generator will automatically produce an APA works cited section for them. To use, simply select the type of source you are using, its bibliographic information, and a full works cited page will appear. You can also format your footnotes with this tool as well, saving countless hours of trying to make sure that everything is correctly placed in the footnotes. This website also provides free APA citation.

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Son of Citation Machine

EasyBib.com is a citation maker that allows its users to choose from MLA, APA, or Chicago styles. However, only the MLA citation generator is free. To use the APA reference generator on this site, you must sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription. To use, you simply select the type of source you need the citation for. Then you search the title’s name and select it. Once you’ve done this, review the information and confirm if it is correct or not. E-books can also be correctly formatted.

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BibMe.org offers free APA citation in addition to MLA and Chicago styles. You enter your sources manually or search by title and select it. Then you add it to your bibliography and continue to add all of your other books until you are done.

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NCSU Libraries website has an APA bibliography maker that also asks users to manually enter in the sources’ information. You can also add contributors to the source if you are using an edited volume or a work with more than one author. It works from APA Sixth Edition so that you have the latest APA citation format at your disposal.

Other important tools include a free scientific calculator. You get not only a free online  calculator but you will know how to use it correctly in addition to other great math tips. Another great tool to help you get and stay organized is free mind mapping. This allows you to organize your research or thoughts in a concise, visual way so that you always stay on top of things. Lastly, if you’re looking for a way to appraise your paper before you hand it in for real, you can search “grade my essay” and end up on a great website with essay grader. You will be able to tell if your paper is well-written, properly formatted, and ready to turn in.

We at ScholarAdvisor.com are also pleased to announce our very own free APA citation generator! Give it a try and leave your feedback!

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