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Online Libraries

There are reasons why students abhor research. One of them is the inconvenience of physically going to libraries just to pore over books. Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, libraries have now gone virtual.

An online library is very similar to a physical library. It contains web versions of books, journals, and other reference materials. Online libraries help to bring convenience to students that want to research at the peace and comfort of their homes. It also saves time because a student doesn’t have to drive or commute back and forth to some location just to get some research done.

There are various online databases for sources to choose from, depending on the types of needed documents. One quick search in Google and you will be redirected to the most commonly used sites.

Questia.com is probably the most common online library. If you need scholarly journals for academic research, this is a highly valuable site. Questia.com houses various journals in different academic fields. However, membership on this site is required and you may have to pay for some services. But you will have access to an infinite number of journals.

The Wiley Online Library is another great site that has a number of journals, books, databases, and lab protocols to choose from. Suffice it to say that this site is a researcher’s heaven. Publications on this site can be located by simply clicking the first letter of the publication’s title. As on Questia, this site is restricted to registered members.

Literature.org has online versions of classics. This is very helpful for English or Literature students who need to find complete copies of works by authors such as Bronte, Dostoevsky, Milton, Hobbes, Dickens, and many more. The site presents a list of authors and their works to choose from. The online versions of their books are viewed chapter by chapter.

ipl2 is an online library that caters to students of every age. The site has sections for kids and teens. Moreover, ipl2 has source materials for many areas of study and even a newspaper and magazine article database from every continent.

If you are looking for American documents detailing how to deal with emergency situations, then The FEMA online library is the site to check out. This is a searchable Web-based collection of publicly accessible FEMA resources such as CDs, audio files, DVDs, disability resources, brochures, publications, guidance, policy papers, and much more. Downloading files from the site is permitted.

If you are hard-pressed for cash but are in need of an online library, then The Free Library is the place for you. There are countless documents to choose from on this site. Due to its sheer volume of sources, The Free Library has devised a way to narrow searches. You can choose to search authors, title of publication, and topic if you don’t have the patience to sift through all the sources found on the site.

The Online Books Page is an updated online library that gives users various types of source materials to choose from. The good thing about the site is that it is updated every day, which is visible with its list of sources. Upon selecting a specific document, you are redirected to an online library that allows the full visibility of your preferred document.

Lastly, The Online Library of Liberty houses mostly classic books about individual liberty. Here, you can find online versions of books that tackle economics, history, law, literature, political theory, religion and other humanities.

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