7 Blogs Of This Year Every Writer Should Bookmark

What makes for an excellent writer? Is it the talent to write, the hours spent in front of the laptop or empty paper, or is there something else? The answer is – none of the above. In order to be a great writer, you need to possess a combination three things. First, you need the …

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Essay Editing

10 Proofreading and Editing Tips The following tips and suggestions can help you to turn in better papers and essays. 1. Give Yourself Enough Time ‒ Try to give yourself enough time for planning, researching, drafting, and polishing your essays. Sometimes, all you need is a day break from writing to see your more obvious …

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Essay Format

Formatting should never be taken for granted when writing an essay. Wrong essay formats can lead to lower grades. Different academic styles guide a writer to correctly format an essay. To avoid straying from academic essay styles and formats, pay attention to some of these guidelines. The most common academic format is the American Psychological …

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Top 50 Argumentative Essay Topics

Some students misconstrue that an argumentative essay needs to be inflammatory to be provocative. This is not necessarily so. The premise of an argumentative essay is to use logic and reasoning to establish a position on the subject in hand. This is done through investigation, collection and evaluation of evidence and formulation of a conclusion, …

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Top 50 Creative College Essay Topics

A creative essay is often chosen by admission boards to make up the personal statement aspect of a college application. Rather than testing your academic skills or having the expectation of formulaic piece of writing, a creative essay is designed to get you thinking – sometimes abstractly. It is often as much a test of …

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Top 50 Personal Essay Topics

You might be set a personal essay as a criterion for your admission to college or it might be set at any time during your academic career. A personal essay is essentially a form of self-expression. It draws on other essay formats – like a narrative essay – but of all academic assignments it is …

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Top 50 Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics

If you are set a persuasive essay your teacher has a certain expectation. What he/she expects to read is a piece of work in which you utilize reasoning and logical analysis to present a specific point of view. It is important to not get bogged down in presenting various sides of an argument (that is …

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Essay Structure

Writing an essay is not as simple as just putting words together and hoping for a coherent result. Just like with any other written work, an essay needs a structure so it is easy to read. Moreover, having a definite structure is important to facilitate an effective flow of information. First of all, you need …

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Essay Types

Writing an essay is not as simple as it seems. There are different types of essays and each has its own way of being written in terms of style and content. One should be careful while writing a specific type of essay because it should serve a purpose. If written improperly, all your efforts will …

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Essay Topics

When instructors give you free reign in choosing your essay topic, it can be intimidating because selecting an appropriate topic can be tricky. While it is true that there is a whole world of topics to choose from, this just makes it all the more difficult. It is always a good idea to choose a …

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Essay Writing Tips

Students commonly consider writing to be extremely tedious. One factor that contributes to this is their writing inexperience. Some students may also not have a decent grasp on English grammar, an expansive vocabulary, or sharp analytical and descriptive skills. Another factor is students’ lack of confidence in their writing skills. Sometimes, they are too embarrassed …

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scholaradvisor writing prompt

Writing Prompts

Here is a collection of writing prompts which can inspire you to write a story

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