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10 Proofreading and Editing Tips

The following tips and suggestions can help you to turn in better papers and essays.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time ‒ Try to give yourself enough time for planning, researching, drafting, and polishing your essays. Sometimes, all you need is a day break from writing to see your more obvious mistakes.

2. Before Researching, Outline ‒ An outline of what you think your paper will eventually be can help you to research more efficiently. This will also save you time editing away needless sections or rambling paragraphs during the drafting phase.

3. Add Sources to the Outline ‒ Once you’ve done the research, add the important sources to your outline to facilitate the writing process.

4. Just Get It Out ‒ When you are writing your first draft, just get all your thoughts out on paper. Stream of consciousness in your first draft can be a good way to reach many good ideas you wouldn’t consider before. You can always go back and remove things you don’t need.

5. Edit Your First Draft ‒ With your first draft, don’t spend a lot of time proofreading. Instead spend your time editing and seeing if your paper is cohesive or not.

6. After Editing, Proofread ‒ Once you have slashed away needless sentences and paragraphs, you can begin proofreading.

7. Helpful Proofreading Methods ‒ Some helpful proofreading tips include printing out a copy of your draft and reading it. A lot of times you can overlook mistakes on the computer screen. Try reading your hardcopy out loud to catch even more careless mistakes.

8. Give Yourself Space ‒ At this point, you should let your paper rest for a day. Many times if you work too hard on something, your brain can freeze up and get tired of reading something. Give yourself a break and then look at your paper again.

9. Find Someone Else to Read It ‒ Ask a friend, parent, or other educated person to read your paper to provide some constructive feedback.

10. Do At Least Three Drafts ‒The more drafts you do, the more your paper will look more polished. Try to do at least three drafts. If time allows try for five.

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Proofreading and Editing Your Essay

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Having your essay proofread and edited by professionals can help you to get a better grade on your next written assignment. Even the most talented writers can overlook careless grammatical, spelling, organizational, punctuation, sentence structure, and typographical errors.

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