Word Counter Tool

When you are writing an essay or any other type of project, it is important to respect the imposed limits. If you are required to stick within a specific number of words, you need to use a precise tool that will enable you to meet the requirements. Our free Word Counter tool enables you to …

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"citation generator"

Citation Generator

As a student, you will be required to turn in essays, theses, and doctoral dissertations that require you to back up your claims with sources and evidence. The problem is that when you have a large work with many sources in different formats, it can be difficult to try and impeccably format them all. Remembering …

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currency converter

Currency Converter

Here is a short review of five of the best currency converters available at the moment. They range from the easy to use widget or app, to highly detailed and advanced tools. Students will certainly feel the benefits of these tools. They are ideal for students who are taking a year off, or are planning …

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Essay Grader

  An essay grader or a paper grader is an easier way for students to evaluate how well-written their papers are before turning them in or to shorten grading time for teachers. Most of these exist in online essay grader format where you input your specific assignment requirements and measure whether or not the student …

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GPA Calculator

A GPA calculator is basically a system where you calculate your grade point average. To calculate GPA, your letter grades are appraised with certain added-up points that are divided by the number of classes you take. For instance, an A is usually given 4 points while a B is given 3. Grade point average is …

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grammar checker GrammarBase.com review

Grammar Checker

GrammarBase.com is a very useful site for students who need to clean up their grammar. It is a completely free and thorough service for detecting mistakes with grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, style, and contextual spelling. Their results appear instantly, you don’t have to download extra software, and you can use their services completely online. You can …

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Mind Map

A mind map is a way to organize your thoughts or study materials in a way that is more comprehensible. Instead of being a series of notes in your notebook, you can make them more logical and visually understandable. Using mind mapping software will allow you to study better, help you to understand difficult concepts …

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Online Calculator

The math calculator of old that simply multiplied, divided, added, and subtracted has taken a backseat to the contemporary graphing calculator. In short, a graphing or scientific calculator is designed to calculate more advanced quantitative problems from chemistry, physics, trigonometry, and other advanced subjects in the fields of science and math. While the original scientific …

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phone apps

Phone Apps

There are more educational tools for students today than ever before with the internet and convenient educational apps. Everything from traditional educational software, special education apps, to apps for college students are available to ensure that students understand their assignments and course material to the best of their abilities. Gone are the days of trying …

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plagiarizm checker Plagtracker.com review

Plagiarism Checker

Powered by – the most accurate plagiarism checking service PlagTracker.com is a site where students, teachers, journalists, or anyone else needing to verify that their content is original can perform free plagiarism scans. This site was started by two Ukrainian computer science students who created a duplicate content/plagiarism detection algorithm for their final university project. …

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Travel Guide

Here are six of the best travel sites for students. The websites and apps are from reliable webmasters and reliable companies, and each one has a perk that students may enjoy. Such as the great traveling tools that come with the viamichelin app, the fantastic student budget deals that come with Frommers, or the multiple …

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voice recognition

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition software is an exciting and fast way to enable you to use your smartphone and computer. Voice recognition technology makes using your Blackberry, iphone, Nokia, Windows Mobile or PC a completely hands-free experience. Use your voice to get your smartphone working for you, and just tell it what to do! Ask your phone …

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Lona graduated from Los Angeles City College. While being a lecturer in several high school institutions Lona founded an online educational project Tutorsclass.Read more
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I studied education and currently work as a tutor for school-age children. I've worked as a volunteer in many different international social projects and as a camp counselor every summer.Read more

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