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Voice Recognition

voice recognition

Voice Recognition software is an exciting and fast way to enable you to use your smartphone and computer. Voice recognition technology makes using your Blackberry, iphone, Nokia, Windows Mobile or PC a completely hands-free experience. Use your voice to get your smartphone working for you, and just tell it what to do! Ask your phone to get directions, search online by command, find a phone number without scrolling through that long list in your phonebook, read you the periodic table to review for your next exam, update your social status without typing a word! Voice Recognition software also means you are safer on the road. You will no longer have to pick up your phone and text while driving, or mess around with a hands free set so you can talk while trying to concentrate on your driving. Voice recognition means that you speak, and your phone or PC acts! With advances happening so fast in technology voice recognition software is an essential for students and business people who don’t have the to type or scroll or search.

Voice recognition software is great for students. With so much going on and so many deadlines to meet, you can use a voice recognition app on your phone to help you meet them all. Just tell your phone that essential information and you are free from time consuming typing and searching! You will also save you time on sending emails back and forth, you can just dictate your email and it’s completed. You won’t need to waste time routing through your phone menu, tell the app what you want and it does the work for you.

Setting alarms and reminders are essential tools for students. With voice recognition software and mobile apps you don’t have to do this manually. Tell your smartphone the alarm you want on, or the reminder you need set, and the job is done for you.

If you are looking for the best voice recognition app for your android or iPhone, look no further than Vlingo. Vlingo moves far beyond the ordinary and limited voice recognition software already on your smartphone. Vlingo takes voice activation to the next level. You just speak clearly and naturally. No need for monotone, over pronunciation and difficult speech just to be understood. Just talk and Vlingo makes your phone act!

With Vlingo voice recognition software the work of manually using your smartphone is done for your by dictation.
Vlingo’s Incar Feature means that you really are hands free while driving. This means you are safer on the road. Your concentration and hands are focused on driving. You don’t need to pick up your phone to text or talk. You simply dictate and Vlingo does the typing for you.

Vlingo Widget has ‘Tap and Speak’ function. It is easy to use and works fast. You tap, and speak! Vlingo brings you directly to your home menu without you searching for menu icons.

Jibbigo is another great Voice Recognition software for smartphones that focuses on translation. It is the only speech translation app for your smartphone that can work without internet connection! It is the essential app for any traveler. Download the app to your smart phone before you go, and Jibbigo is ready to use no matter where your travels take you. It is available as a voice recognition app for android and iPhone.

Jibbigo means you don’t have to worry about mobile roaming charges or internet connections or wi-fi availability. It is ready to translate over 20 languages for you without any hassle. With a vocabulary of over 40,000 words, Jibbigo will know what you want to say, and say it for you.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech Recognition Software; is a speech recognition software for pc. It work perfectly with both Windows 7 and 8. It is an innovative voice recognition technology. Dragon allows you to use your PC aurally. You tell Dragon what you want and without you typing or clicking, Dragon does it for you: it is a great way to interact with your PC, as all the words you say will appear on your screen. Dragon lets you use voice commands to search the web, send emails, or edit your text. Dragon’s advanced voice technology means that you can use your PC by audible command for business and personal use.

Dragon’s mobile phone app works great on your smartphone. Dragon Mobile Assist is a speak and command tool, that frees up your time in using your phone manually.

When it comes to voice recognition software for Mac, try Mac Speech Dictate. It is based on the same type of software behind Dragon Naturally Speaking and it has the same type of functions. It does not only allow the user to speak naturally and without worrying too much about inflection, but it also helps eliminating background noises and supports multiple user profiles.

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