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Here are six of the best travel sites for students. The websites and apps are from reliable webmasters and reliable companies, and each one has a perk that students may enjoy. Such as the great traveling tools that come with the viamichelin app, the fantastic student budget deals that come with Frommers, or the multiple resources that come with the Rough Guides website.


This website is perfect for anybody who is planning a trip abroad. You can use their online search tool to find a flight, a hotel, a holiday rental and a restaurant. The site is loaded with pictures and descriptions of hotels and holiday destinations. You may also look at reviews that have been submitted by people who have visited the places listed. As a student holiday guide it is all you will ever need. It is professional, easy to use, and may accommodate people on a small college student budget.

There is a trip advisor app for the Android. The menus are all very user friendly and the ratings appear as little graphs, which makes judging the hotels and restaurants very easy. You can even look up things to do around your destination.

There is a trip advisor app for the iPhone, which is loaded with pictures, maps, reviews and travel guides. The app has been updated with a new filtering system, so it is now easier than ever to plan your holiday on your iPhone.


This website allows you to plan your holiday. You simply pick your destination and it will help you to pick your travel and accommodation. It also gives you a wide variety of trip ideas and travel deals. The travel deals feature is especially good for students who may be on a tight budget. It has a currency converter tool, and gives you the latest travel news. It also has travel guides and tips for your holiday, including tips on how to pack your suitcase, a study abroad packing list, foreign entry requirements and customs details.

This website has its own app for the iPhone. However, unlike others that allow you to plan your holiday, or that act as free travel guides, this app gives you a number of tools for when you are actually there. There is a currency convert, time translator, packing list and a number of city guides. It even has a flashlight function and a tip calculator.

The main frommers.com app for the iPhone is free, but they also have a number of apps that you may purchase. Some of the apps are day-by-day guides, and the rest are tourism radio guides that are powered by the frommers.com company.


This website is one of the best resources around for if you want to travel in America. If you are planning a student road trip, then this website is the only resource you will ever need. It has a tool that allows you to plan your trip from your front door to your hotel. Viamichelin does this with a driving directions tool that is similar to the one you may find on Google maps. Except that the website will also show you some great hotels and restaurants that you can visit. It will even give you the weather conditions for your route.

You may use the viamichelin.com Android app as your personal travel guide. You may plan your trip by car, cycle, or even walking. The app is free, and you may download extras that will give you pertinent details on the current traffic and weather conditions, as well as great places to eat and sleep.

You will also find free ViaMichelin phone apps for the iPhone and iPad. The primary app has the same route-planner function as the Android app, except that it is laid out and formatted in a far more user friendly way. As with the Android app, there are other free via Michelin.com apps you can try for things such as the weather and traffic.


Of all the websites mentioned here, this one is closer to a social media site than any of them. Over a million members are on the website from around the world, and many of them are students who have already been there. The real user reviews allow students to learn the things that matter, such as local customs and local con-tricks that residents play on tourists. The website is full of travel guides and reviews so that you may see your holiday through the eyes of others. It allows you to become a virtual tourist by reading the opinions of the places and hotels that other users have visited.

The Android app is free and allows you to plan a camping holiday. It uses the same idea as the website by showing you a number of campsites and then producing reviews that were uploaded by other members. You may even give your own feedback on the campsites that you visit.

The iPhone app builds upon an eight wonders feature that is on the website, except that is shows you famous places instead. The app gives you an aerial view of some of the world’s most famous landmarks, locations and buildings.


This is a good place to find the best travel guides because instead of just giving you reviews, the website also gives you articles, videos and images of your potential new holiday destination. A student may only be able to take one trip per year, and this website makes sure the user knows the area intimately before paying money to go there. The website is also great for planning and booking your holiday too.

The Android app takes a lot of its inspiration from the website, except that the destination features and reviews are a lot more concise. It still gives travel guides, places you can visit and practical information that will help any student on his/her travels.

The iPhone app brags that it gives information on over 20,000 destinations worldwide. It also has an offline world map that has 10,000 destinations, just for if your phone cannot connect to the Internet in the country you visit.


This website is ideal for all students who want to find fun and amazing places to visit, and find great places to see with exciting things to do. It offers rough guides for students of all income, from the starving student to the trust fund student. It is great for students who want to leave the sober poolside sightseeing holidays for when they are in their forties.

The website allows you to download the app direct. There is an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. The apps are highly visual, with bright colorful pictures and graphics, and the formatting is user friendly and intuitive.

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