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There are more educational tools for students today than ever before with the internet and convenient educational apps. Everything from traditional educational software, special education apps, to apps for college students are available to ensure that students understand their assignments and course material to the best of their abilities. Gone are the days of trying to endlessly search for an adequate study partner or even an old fashioned Dictaphone. Today’s students have more study options and apps for education than ever before. These app creators have transformed education software from the time-honored online study aids to education apps that can be used on-the-go, anywhere, anytime. For our users’ convenience, we at ScholarAdvisor have compiled a list of the best education apps for all your tablet or mobile devices.

Top Educational Apps from Apple

Notely ‒ This has a course and assignment calendar with several note taking tools that automatically save and sync everything put in its drop box. It also has a useful check list where you can insert your assignments’ due dates and test dates. This is a perfect app for those who struggle with turning in their papers on-time or who often forget when test dates are.

Evernote ‒ While there are many I-Phone apps that allow you to take notes, Evernote is one of the most convenient. Evernote allows you to sync notes between the web, your computer, and your phone. Additionally you can save text, images, and audio recordings that are also all searchable. You can even include notes from Twitter, email, or other mobile apps.

Big Words ‒ This is one of the best apps for shopping for the best textbook prices. You can compare with tons of listings in this easy-to-use textbook price search engine.

iStudiez Pro ‒ This app is one of many Apple apps that allow you to keep track of your class schedule and assignments. It is color-coded and you can attach your assignments to each course that comes up on your calendar, ensuring that you never get your assignments or their due dates mixed up again.

Cram ‒ This app allows students to ditch the index cards and study groups and to study independently and effectively. Users can create flashcards and multiple-choice quizzes that include automatically generated incorrect answers.

P183 Graphing Calculator app ‒ This graphing calculator app can do everything that the Texas Instruments traditional graphing calculators can do but at a fraction of the cost. While your typical graphing calculator will cost around $80, this app is only 99 cents.

Best Educational Apps for Android

Gamma Ray Calculator ‒ This handy physics class helper is great for a number of uses. It can automatically calculate formulas once you fill in the effectiveness activity in Curies followed by the source film distance. From this, you’ll get the correct exposure time without having to bust out the traditional calculator.

Speed Anatomy Quiz ‒ One of the most popular Google apps for education that allows you to study for your biology or anatomy test easily and effortlessly without hours of memorization. Instead, you play a fun and speed-driven game where you have to correctly identify anatomy parts.

Word Prep Flashcards ‒ Much like Apple’s Cram, this app allows you to expand your vocabulary or to prepare for standardized tests like the GRE with flashcards.

Formulas Lite ‒ This is easily one of the most convenient Google Android apps for math and science students. Instead of memorizing dozens of formulas, all major formulas from math, chemistry, and physics are all in one place.

Virtual SAT Tutor ‒ Unlike many other Google education apps for the SAT that focus on building vocabulary, this one focuses on writing and grammar. It is designed to enhance users’ writing skills for the SAT’s writing section by using 75 SAT writing prompts. It also helps to clean up your grammar with its multiple choice quizzes about correct usage.

Apps that Work for Both iOS and Android

ChaCha Answers ‒ This is a great voice recognition app that allows you to get answers to specific questions without having to manually type in searches and then sift through the possible answers. You simply ask the question and it gives you the answer.

GPA Calculator ‒ If you need a quick answer about how to calculate gpa, both Android and Apple offer GPA calculator phone apps to determine you current semester’s GPA or to factor it in with your cumulative GPA.

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