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When instructors give you free reign in choosing your essay topic, it can be intimidating because selecting an appropriate topic can be tricky. While it is true that there is a whole world of topics to choose from, this just makes it all the more difficult.

It is always a good idea to choose a topic you are really interested in. Your essays will always come out stronger if you are invested in the chosen topic.

The first step in choosing an essay topic is determining the essay’s purpose. As there are different types of essays, you must first select a fitting topic. If you are tasked to write a narrative essay, choosing slavery as your topic might not be advisable because you have likely never been someone’s slave.

Once you have determined your essay’s purpose, brainstorm some topics of interest. Do not limit yourself to three topics to choose a topic from. Let your imagination run wild and list as many topics you can think of. But it is absolutely critical that you be truly interested in the selected topic.

The next thing you should do is narrow down your ideas to comfortable and feasible topics. From the narrowed-down topics, selecting a specific topic from them should not be difficult. Make sure that your selected essay topic is unique and actually worth investigating. Own your topic and a superbly written essay will surely follow.

If you need help deciding on a topic for a particular type of essay, these following suggestions might be helpful.

For an argumentative essay, consider investigating if dieting actually makes people fat, if zoos are really animal prisons, or if people have become overly dependent on technology.

For a cause and effect essay, contemplate writing about the cause and effect of teenage depression, the lack of intergenerational understanding, or why more students are taking online courses.

For a compare and contrast essay, think about how your views of your parents have changed from before and after you left home, living on and off campus, or other past and present perspectives.

For a definition essay, consider writing about charisma, vanity, or heroism. With this type of essay, abstract topics are more fun to write about.

For a narrative essay, write about a strange job interview, a memorable encounter with a celebrity, or an experience that left you disillusioned.

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