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Essay Writing Tips

Students commonly consider writing to be extremely tedious. One factor that contributes to this is their writing inexperience. Some students may also not have a decent grasp on English grammar, an expansive vocabulary, or sharp analytical and descriptive skills. Another factor is students’ lack of confidence in their writing skills. Sometimes, they are too embarrassed to share their ideas and consequently don’t make such a serious effort with writing. A final determining factor is a lack of time. All of these contribute to poor essay-writing.
But how exactly can students avoid these weaknesses while writing an impressive essay? Below are some tips to get you going with that essay in no time.

The first thing to consider is that finding a good and interesting essay topic is critical. Finding a good topic can sometimes be time-consuming when your mind is blank. If this sounds like you, it might be helpful to start with something general and then narrow them down to a single interesting idea. Doing background research online greatly helps to fish for ideas. But be careful not to choose a topic with limited sources or one that’s overused. Create your own and write confidently.

Because writing is frequently deemed as boring, why not change your perspective? Instead of thinking that writing is a chore, think of it as a means to express yourself. Consider it a challenge to overcome so that you become a well-rounded student. For instance, if you think writing is difficult because your grammar is poor, try doing some online grammar exercises to improve. The same is true if you have limited vocabulary. Answer fun vocabulary games online so that it won’t feel like you are studying. Practice makes perfect. Before you know it, you will have already gained command of written English.

Honesty and vulnerability are important if you are aiming to become a better writer. Be open to criticisms and corrections. I am sure that even the best writers were criticized at some point before they have achieved greatness. Do not take these criticisms personally. Instead, use them as suggestions to guide you next time.

To avoid writing formulaic and boring essays, always try to bring something new to the table. Conventions are there as writing guidelines but that doesn’t mean that they are untouchable. Your writing will become more interesting once you let your personality shine through. Be invested in your chosen topic so your passion becomes transparent. If you are not interested or are bored by your topic, your readers will be too. It will also leave them unconvinced that your essay’s argument has any validity.

If you encounter writing difficulties, remember these easy-to-follow tips that can assist you in conquering your writing woes.

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I studied education and currently work as a tutor for school-age children. I've worked as a volunteer in many different international social projects and as a camp counselor every summer.Read more

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