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Essay on abortion

Why do women decide to have an abortion? There is a multitude why this option is chosen, rather than to have and keep the baby or even have it and immediately give it up for adoption. Some even consider it is going to get in the way of their job or career, or even their marriage, it the husband is dead against children. Extreme fear of childbirth is also a factor in the choice for abortion. Many understand it is permanent, but push that side of things away by thinking cruel thoughts about the embryo. Many others may only view it as something that has to be done in order to continue their life as it is.

Abortion is a tremendous step, no matter which side you view it from. Not only is it interfering with the body in most cases, but there are emotional factors involved as well. For the rest of her life, a woman has to live with what she has sanctioned. Most of those who settle for an abortion will tell you they can always have another one and most do, very successfully. However, what happens to the minority who do not manage to fall pregnant again? Their feelings must be chaotic as it dawns that they destroyed their chance to be a parent. Perhaps those who consider abortion should discuss it thoroughly with a health professional, family or someone before they take the risk.

Although abortions now are usually carried out in a sterile clean clinic by licensed doctors, there are still some backyard abortionists who are available to those who are too desperate, too needy or too ashamed to take advantage of these clinics and place themselves at severe risk of infection and perhaps death by using often unlicensed and unhygienic doctors who are only in it for the money. Unfortunately, this will still happen, while the stigma of abortion remains. A death in this situation is not a good image for abortion when it could have been prevented so easily. In this case, having a child and either keeping it or giving it for adoption would have been the most positive outcome.

There are good reasons for abortion also. If the mother’s life depends on it then, it should be considered. If the pregnancy has resulted from rape or some vile act, then it should certainly be an option. If a mentally challenged person falls pregnant, whoever is taking responsibility for that person should think long and hard if there is any chance that that person will be able to cope with a child with plenty of support. There are so many situations where this action can be considered, but there are also many reasons why it should not.

Abortion is an extremely personal affair for any woman, no matter how they turn it off. Those who choose it for their personal ends perhaps should not be condemned for their choice, because much thought has possibly gone into it. Neither should anyone be judged for having an abortion because the child is going to be a complete risk to the mother if the pregnancy continues.

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