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Essay about technology taking over the world – Creative essay

In my creative essay I construct a possible future where technology is able to take over the world and rule humans in a manner that technology should not be able. Though nothing in my essay is fact points out there is a possibility that what I write may come true one day. The creative essay is not based on a program that is known to exist at the moment.

There are billions of GB of data created every month, and technology has allowed us to retain that data in a way that we could not in the past. That same technology is also allowing us to store the information for a lot longer than we may have done otherwise.

It is possible that a virus or piece of technology will gain access to this data by being programmed to be adaptive. If a program could be created so that it was adaptive, then it may gain access to information that only hackers could usually access. In essence, the program could learn via hacking its way through information it finds on the Internet.

The Internet would also give the virus or program the freedom to move. If it were based on just one computer, then it would fill up its memory and be very limited. It is possible that the program will move itself from server to server, taking up lots of space with the information that it stores. This sort of thing is already possible with things such as cloud computing, and it is quite possible that such a program could operate on the cloud in order to save information whilst maintaining its structure.

If the program is able to adapt, then it may start to adapt its own program and make changes that allow it to expand and grow. The program would not be a living organism, but it is possible that it would try to defend itself and maintain its own time span. It may even learn to defend itself from the things it learns about life.

Since life is the most powerful force on the planet, it is possible that the program would try to imitate life and defend itself against attack. Humans would invariably try to attack it, and the most logical solution would be to rule humans instead of destroy them. If the program were able to rule humans, then it would not have to worry about the maintenance of the Internet or the hardware that runs the Internet because it could force humans to do all the maintenance.


In this piece, the computer program would always win because it can come up with more attack and defense scenarios than humans can, and it is able to think at a far faster rate than humans. The only defense against the program seems to be incorrect and/or irrational decisions. One assumes that over time the program may begin to guess what humans may do based on gathered variables. This means that any action that are unexpected and/or not logical will most likely be overlooked by the program at first.

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