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French revolution

French revolution was an economic, social and political disruption in France from 1789 to 1799. France was suffering from some serious financial crises because of their unjust rules of taxations and excesses of the aristocratic class. They had a firm belief in the law that the kings are chosen and appointed by God Himself. This, as a result, prevented the peasants and commoners of the middle class from taking part in the government.
The financial status of France was never good because of their lack of any kind of law, taxation system and their unjust scams of investing money in Seven Year’s war and the American Revolution. King Locus XVI appointed Charles De Calonne to handle this situation of bad economy but he too forced the peasants and the lower class to pay high taxes and hesitated to ask the noble class of France to follow suit. The old regime of France was losing its edge, and the age of Enlightenment was taking its toll on the thoughts of people in a superb way. They started to oppose the century’s long rules of divine right and dictatorship. The nobles and aristocrats chose to ignore this enormous change in France because of the revolution, and they were more focused on ignoring the matter glaring in their faces.
It was in a nutshell a war between the social classes; aristocracy and the middle/ lower class. The middle class wanted equality and order in the distribution of ranks and privileges so that they can get rid of the differences that were found between the classes and the bad blood between them. The effects of this French revolution were intensified by the Terror, which was the creation of Committee of Public Safety. The basic principle of this committee was to weed out all the anti-revolutionaries that were found in the government so that the social classes of France could get united under the same government. This policy of terror by Robespierre was a very efficient in ruling out all the corrupt politicians and aristocrats who were against the equality of both the social classes.
Military strengths were developed over time by Lazar Carnot. He was appointed for the sole purpose of demolishing the roots of corruption throughout the country. He also managed to make the army of France strong enough to fight the advances of Persians and Austrians who were set on capturing the country in its weakest state. Carnot was also the one who initiated the steps that were needed to be taken to restore French cultural and traditional boundaries. Although the Reign of Terror did not have much effect on the revolution Robespierre did not back down easily. He started a campaign “Republic of Virtue” that was against the religious believers of Christianity. His death sentence was something of a relief for the French government. Year III constitution, through the National convention granted executive power to five people while they legislative power to two groups together known as Corps Legislative. However, the after effect of this might have attained stability in the nation but the war between the revolutionaries and anti-revolutionary parties throughout Europe did not let it happen. This war led to the demolition of the directory and the Corps Legislative by Bonaparte. He became the leader of the first council of France.

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