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Compare and Contrast Essay: My Best Friend

My best friend is called Kelvin. I’ve always considered him my best friend since I met him because he had a certain aura about him. In this essay, I will compare and contrast some of the main aspects of his character with those of my second best friend Amber to craft a clear argument as to why I consider him my best friend.

To start with, Kelvin has an open mind. He’s unlike Amber because she will only tolerate certain views. If Kelvin doesn’t like something he will be completely honest about it, but he won’t show it in a negative fashion. Amber, on the other hand, will do so and won’t be able to hide her boredom. I admire someone who can be as open minded as Kelvin.

Kelvin is also not afraid of showing off his opinions in the right way. In the event he disagrees with something I’ve done, he will make it clear that he disagrees. Amber also does this, and this is why I also value her presence in my life. I don’t like the proverbial yes men. I want real opinions, and that’s why we all get along so well.

One aspect where Kelvin contrasts with Amber is in the way he’ll happily try out new things. Amber is set in her ways and prefers to stick with what she knows. I’m similar to Amber, but I prefer Kelvin’s way of looking at things because he’s brought me out of my shell. Through my friendship with him, I’ve managed to experience things I would have never discovered without him.

Both Kelvin and Amber genuinely care about me and my affairs, though. They’re always interested in what I’m doing and how I am. They aren’t simply using me for their own ends. This is what I value in a best friend the most. On one occasion, I was having a hard time with the death of a loved one and I wanted to hide it. They were convinced something was wrong and they encouraged me to talk about it. Being able to talk about such matters with them helped me to get through the worst of it.

Another area where Kelvin stands out for me is the fact we have so much in common. Even if he wasn’t so open-minded, we would always get along because of our shared interests. We like the same type of music and can appreciate the same type of literature. This influences our conversations. It means we never get tired of speaking with each other.

On the other hand, Amber does have a lot of interests that I don’t share in. At times, this can mean we have little to talk about. Sometimes, we go through periods where we rarely speak. I’ve yet to run into this scenario with Kelvin.

Overall, Kelvin is my best friend because we have so many similarities. This is a relationship of mutual convenience. It’s not one-sided and we’re both equal partners. Whilst I value Amber in my life, we do have differences, and these differences can divide us on occasion.

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